New Day Charity Event @ Kaikai Kiki Gallery Taipei – Day 1

The event begins. We hope to have all guests draw or write a message on A4 paper.

A shot of PEG during her live painting performance!

Net proceeds from these posters, produced in collaboration with newspaper publisher Apple Daily, will be donated to chartieis supporting the earthquake relief efforts.

Installation number 1, composed of works contributed to #newday_GEISAI.

#newday_GEISAI artwork installation number 2.  We will be adding another set of installations composed of works produced on sight!

Chinatsu Ban is working from a plan here. In total, the work will take three days.

Each artist’s account name is displayed in the right hand corner of the printout.

In the front of this picture is Sophie, while in the rear is Wan Yu. The two of them are busy contacting all of the people who reserved posters. Another 40 sets and we will officially be sold out… amazing. All of us are grateful for the generosity shown by the people of Taiwan for Japan. Sophie actually broke her shoulder just days previous, after a nasty fall. But even then, she’s taken no time off! We are all grateful for her hard work.

Live painting by Taiwanese artists has just begun!

More pictures live from Taipei.

PEG working as I write this.

Cheer them on!

Hard at work

From EbiTasha

Young artists

From EbiTasha

Young artists ii

From EbiTasha


From EbiTasha

Wall of hope

From EbiTasha

Artist at work

From EbiTasha

Artist at work #newday_GEISAI

From EbiTasha

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