New Day Charity Event @ Kaikai Kiki Gallery Taipei – Day 3 & Closing

It’s day 3 and we again have artists working at the gallery.

From chiangmingyu

From chiangmingyu

Artists continue to work.

This painitng by a Taiwanese artists began as a dog’s face but has now morphed into a cake with whipped cream!

This artist left a message in her painting! “From the world to Japan”

Peg has really thrown herself into her work.

Here’s how things looked Friday night as we prepared for posters to be signed. We pressed until 3 am but in the end, there was not enough desk space and we could only get 500 done. We will hold another signing session next week.

Here’s a shot of guests looking intently at the display of contributed artwork.

We’re now near the end of our #newday_GEISAI charity event!  Thank you to everyone in Taiwan!

Everyone has now begun to paint with complete freedom! Yes!

We want to thank everyone who came despite the rain. Some people even came by bullet train from surrounding cities. Such great friendship from the Taiwanese!

What’s this? It’s Monday and Peg is still working. She was supposed to have finished on Sunday but has decided to keep painting until it’s time to leave for her flight!

Chinatsu Ban has revised her work a countless number of times, letting forth a tidal wave of slumbering emotions. She took advantage of every minute available before her flight. Luckily the airport was nearby.

A look at how the wall of works made on-site grew and grew.

And here’s another one. Once again we’d like to thank the people of Taiwan. Such shy demeanor and yet such warm hearts!


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