New Day Charity Event @ Kaikai Kiki Gallery Taipei – The Night Before

From March 25-27, Kaikai Kiki held a New Day charity event at our gallery in Taiwan. With the blessing of the artists involved, the event featured installations composed of printouts of the works contributed for the project, live painting, and more. We also sold charity posters, raising 13.5 million Taiwanese dollars (approx $450,000 US). Net proceeds will be donated to charities supporting the recovery effort in Japan. Below is a photo report from the event, compiled from Twitter tweets:

Saga-san from Over Drive chipped in to help create the installations.

GEISAI Executive Committee staff Kaseno-kan busies himself with the final preparations for the next day’s opening. This photo was taken just before sending out a mass mail asking everyone’s permission to use their works. “Sorry for the rush, but, the event was organized on very short notice…”

Artists Chinatsu Ban and PEG (Keiko Moritsugu)  agreed to hold live painting performances. You can read Ban’s blog (in Japanese) here.

PEG in front of a sketch for a new work. The person holding the microphone is Mutou-chan, the director of Takashi Murakami’s radio program FM Geijutsu Dojo.

2:30 AM Taiwan time. The press preview is scheduled to being at 10 AM. The public opening will take place in the evening.


This report continues with:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 & Closing


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