More Works from Soichiro Fukaya

Soichiro Fukaya, "Denko Chan" 2011

Soichiro Fukaya, "Denko Chan" 2011

These two images submitted via Twitter by @soichirofukaya depict “Denko Chan.” Her name, ‘Denko’ refers to electricity and the Japanese suffix ‘chan’ is a diminutive label that expresses endearment for the aforementioned individual, frequently used when referencing youthful women. Denko chan with her light, therefore, can be interpreted as a glowing symbol of hope for healing and recovery in Japan. However, the reference to TEPCO (Tokyo Electrical Power Company), whose nuclear generators suffered meltdowns, hydrogen explosions, and fires due to a lack of power after the Tohoku/Pacific earthquake and tsunami, gives the image a much darker meaning.



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